About us

Monster Initiative was founded with the vision of creating top-quality work for the scientific and medical community. With over 15 years of experience, our consultants have a passion for envisioning and enacting purposeful and productive clinical trials. Through a deep understanding of statistics and medicine, our experts model data in novel and compelling ways bringing out results that propel projects forward. We develop your team’s capacity to achieve their academic goals.

Our Services

We offer services in Medicine, Science and Education.
Our packages are customizable for different professional levels and include the following services:

  • Research capacity building for clinical studies.
  • Consulting for implementation of observational and clinical trials (institutional and multinational).
  • Consulting in building biobanks and biorepositories.
  • Consultation and courses in grant administration (local and international).
  • Benchmarking achievements in biomedical research.
  • Medical and graduate biomedical science education design and leadership.
  • Manuscript and figure editing.
  • Consulting biostatistics.
  • Consulting in data presentation.
  • Study power calculations and sample size estimations.
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Who we are

Our consulting experts include the MONSTER Initiative team (Multinational Organization Network Sponsoring Translational and Epidemiological Research) comprised of collaborators from over 3 continents. Our consultants have the highest recognition in medicine with membership in several scientific academies such as: National Academy of Medicine (USA), Royal Society of Medicine (UK), Brazilian National Academy of Medicine, and the Interacademy Medical Panel. The team is built of MDs and PhDs in the following fields of expertise: Infectious Diseases, Immunology, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Pathology, Intensive Care, Internal Medicine, Epidemiology, and Translational Medicine. Our doctors bring their experience of innovating medicine to your institution. With proficiency in policy-changing clinical trials, educational program design, and building international consortia- our team is ready to meet your needs. Our goal is to strengthen medical science throughout the world, benefiting our clients and the patients they serve.

Illustration of the social network of publications supported by MONSTER Initiative. Lines represent publications in pubmed whereas the notes highlight names of authors who published with MONSTER.

Gallery of Work

Exemples of analyses and data presentation performed by MONSTER Initiative:

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